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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

EU military support to Ukraine

Cadets Of The Military Institute Take The Oath In Kyiv

Addressing Ukraine's pressing military and defence needs

The EU and its Member States have mobilised €33.1 billion in military support for Ukraine, including €11.1 billion under the European Peace Facility. 

In addition, the EU Military Assistance Mission for Ukraine, funded with €362 million, is tackling training needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and has trained more than 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers. 

The EU and its Member States will continue to address Ukraine’s pressing military and defence needs, through the European Peace Facility and the EU Military Assistance Mission, as well as through direct bilateral assistance by Member States.

Ramping up EU production capacities

The European defence industry has also increased its production capacity for ammunition by 40%. It is urgent to accelerate the delivery of missiles and ammunition, notably under the 1 million rounds of artillery ammunition initiative, and to provide Ukraine with more air defence systems. 

The EU will also ramp up its production capacity of ammunitions and missiles, following the adoption of the Act in Support to Ammunition Production (ASAP). Thanks to ASAP the Union's defence industry will be able to produce more and faster as the Regulation will support the industrial reinforcement throughout the supply chains of ammunition and missiles in the EU. It is a direct response to the call to urgently deliver ammunition, and if requested missiles, to Ukraine and to help Member States refill their stocks by introducing targeted measures.