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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Stay safe while travelling in the EU

This information is also available in: Ukrainian | українська | Russian | русский

Your documents

  • Never give your passport or identity document to anyone other than a border guard or a public official. Carry it close to your body.
  • Take a photo of your passport or identity document with your phone so that you have a back-up in case of loss or theft. Send a copy to friends/family and to yourself  - for example to an email account you may have – so that you can access your documents even if you lose your phone.


Ukrainian refugees arriving at the border between Ukraine and Moldova
  • If you’re travelling in someone’s car, ask if anything is expected from you in return for transportation.
  • Before going into someone’s car, take a picture of the licence plate and send it to friends and family. Avoid getting into cars of drivers who do not allow these pictures to be taken.


  • Carry cash somewhere hidden on you, perhaps even in multiple places.
  • Memorise your credit card/debit card number.
  • Memorise phone numbers of multiple trustworthy people who would help you if you lose your phone.


Belgian and Ukrainian children playing together
  • Where possible, use accommodation provided by trusted organisations.
  • If you’re booking accommodation online, make sure to check reviews and select offers with a high number of positive reviews.
  • If you get a place to stay and you don’t feel safe – leave it!
  • If you’re staying at someone’s place, ask if anything is expected from you in return for the accommodation.


Always stay alert if:

  • Someone offers you a job and does not give you information such as the address and the name of the employer.
  • Someone puts pressure on you to decide whether or not to accept the job offer.
  • Someone offers you a job in connection with free travel and accommodation.
  • Someone who is offering you a job asks you to give them your documents under the pretext that they will arrange everything for you.

Safety from trafficking

If you think you might be victim of trafficking or exploitation:

Ukrainian refugees crossing the Polish border
  • Run away to a public place with many people, for instance a police station, hospital, library, bank, post office, church or city building.
  • Contact the police, an organisation who helps victims of human trafficking, the authorities of the country you are in or your country’s embassy.