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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine

This information is also available in: Ukrainian | українська | Russian | русский

Practical information about your rights and options in the EU

EU countries have come together to welcome people who have fled the war in Ukraine. Find information about your rights in the EU, how to travel safely and contact details for national authorities.

2 men at a metro station

Your rights and options for travelling within the EU and information about national authorities

Child writing on a notebook

How to apply for temporary EU protection, international protection and repatriation assistance

Ukrainian children at a classroom in Italy

How the EU is supporting your education needs from finance to vocational education and training

A nurse performing treatment procedures

How to access appropriate healthcare and information from national ministries and health agencies

Reception of Ukrainian refugees in Belgium

How you can access the EU job market and the resources at your disposal


19 APRIL 2022
EU stands with Ukraine: Information for people fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine