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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Suspension of the EU's Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia

On 9 September 2022, the Council agreed to fully suspend the EU's Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia. The full suspension affects all categories of travellers coming to the EU for a short stay. This means that

  • Russian citizens no longer enjoy privileged access to the EU and face a lengthier, more expensive and more difficult visa application process
  • Member States have wide discretion in processing short-stay visa applications from Russian citizens and can ensure greater scrutiny of Russian nationals wanting to travel to the EU
  • the EU will remain open to certain categories of Russian visa applicants travelling for essential purposes, including family members of EU citizens, journalists, dissidents and civil society representatives
  • Russian travel documents issued in, or to persons resident in, Russian-occupied regions in Ukraine – or breakaway territories in Georgia – will not be accepted as valid travel documents for obtaining a visa or crossing the borders of the Schengen area.