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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Returning to Ukraine: questions and answers


When you are ready to start planning your return home to Ukraine, either temporarily or on a permanent basis, there are a number of things you will have to bear in mind. Among these, is how your return will affect your rights here in the EU. You may also have more practical concerns, such as how this will impact a bank account you have opened in your host country. You will find information on this page which aims to help you address these questions.

Going back to Ukraine for a short period

I am registered for temporary protection, but I want to go back to Ukraine shortly. Will I lose my rights in the EU?

The Temporary Protection Directive offers the possibility to go back on a voluntary basis and provides measures applicable after temporary protection has ended. If you need to go back to Ukraine for a short time, for instance for family visits, to collect papers or to rescue family members, you do not lose your temporary protection status. Any short visit to Ukraine should not be considered by EU countries as a decision to return voluntarily before the temporary protection ends. This means that a short trip back to Ukraine should not lead to the revocation of the residence permit and loss of rights attached to the status. 

Moving back to Ukraine

I now have temporary protection in the EU and I want to go back home to the Ukraine. Will I be able to come back to the EU and benefit from temporary protection?

If you plan to go home to the Ukraine, you should notify the authorities of the country you are residing in about your plans. If you afterwards decide to come back into the European Union before the end of the emergency situation, you will again be entitled to temporary protection. You are advised to contact the authorities of your host Member State to receive more information on how to notify your departure/the notification system in place and the consequences of not notifying and on the applicable safeguards for beneficiaries of temporary protection.

Bank accounts

Will my bank account be still active if I decide to move back to Ukraine and if my temporary protection registration is ‘inactive’?

Your bank accounts should also remain open as long as your residence permit is still valid, even if it is inactive due to your decision to move back to Ukraine for a longer period.