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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Fleeing Ukraine: access to accommodation and housing

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Information on accommodation and housing

Ukrainian refugees waving from a window of the Polish house where they were welcomed

Immediate accommodation is being provided by the authorities or by charities. The Temporary Protection Directive offers the right to suitable accommodation and housing and sustainable solutions therefore need to be found in the medium term combining the public reception system with private accommodation offers.

The Commission will:

  • continue to support Member States in scaling up their reception capacity
  • launch a new ‘Safe Homes’ initiative to embrace and support initiatives taken at local, regional and national levels and in cooperation with the private sector.

The European Regional Development Fund helps provide social housing for families and individuals in the community, and covers purchase and refurbishment of appropriate accommodation. 

The European Social Fund can also support investments in community-based accommodation, especially for those with special needs, disabilities, children and older people.