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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Fleeing Ukraine: access to jobs

This information is also available in: Ukrainian | українська | Russian | русский

Access to the job market

The European Commission is working with different actors, including Ukrainian authorities and diaspora, to ensure the swift and effective integration of beneficiaries of temporary protection into the labour market. As recalled in the guidance to help people fleeing Russia’s aggression on Ukraine access jobs, training and adult learning, there are several tools available at EU level to support this.

They can now match their skills with job vacancies thanks to the EU Talent Pool pilot which the Commission launched together with the European Labour Authority. In addition, they can acquire new language and basic digital skills through the networks in the Pact for Skills.

Ukrainian language has been added to the EU Skills Profile Tool for third country nationals to help Ukrainian job seekers and those who wish to continue their studies. 

After the Commission published a recommendation and a comparison report to facilitate the recognition of academic and professional qualifications obtained in Ukraine, it is now easier for employers and training institutions to understand the skills of Ukrainians arriving in the EU. 

The Commission  has set up a resource hub to help both Ukrainians seeking assistance in having their qualifications recognised and others who need help in interpreting them. It has also compared the Ukrainian and European Qualifications Frameworks together with the European Training Foundation and EU Member States.

The Commission continues to support the Public Employment Services in Member States that play a key role in setting out active labour market policies to make the best use of the skills of new arrivals.

It also provides support for measures such as work placements, language courses, counselling, vocational education and training, through various EU funds. 

EU Talent Pool

The Commission has launched a web-based EU Talent Pool to help people fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine to find a job in the EU.

The EU Talent Pool pilot, available in English, Ukrainian and Russian, is implemented through the EURES portal. It brings together national employment services, private employment agencies and employers across the EU. EURES contains over 3 million job vacancies and 4,000 employers, and new employers are welcome to sign up to it.

The EU Talent Pool pilot is open to all jobseekers who benefit from temporary protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, or adequate protection under national law providing them the right to work.

After registration, the tool guides jobseekers through a process where they can identify the skills they have and upload their CV. The CVs published in the EU Talent Pool pilot will be visible to public employment services in all participating countries as well as to registered employers in all countries who are part of the European cooperation network of employment services (EURES). Jobseekers can also browse through all job vacancies published on the EURES portal.

EU Talent Pool