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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Fleeing Ukraine: healthcare

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Access to healthcare in the EU

If you are granted temporary protection, you will have access to healthcare in your host Member State. So, once you register and get the temporary residence permit, the host Member State will offer you access to its healthcare system.

If the public healthcare system of the host Member State considers you fully insured, you will also be entitled to receive the European Health Insurance Card that gives you the right to necessary healthcare treatment during a temporary stay in another Member State.

Specialised hospital treatment

To ensure specialised hospital treatment and care, for those in urgent need, the Commission:

  • set up a solidarity mechanism for intra EU medical transfers of refugees and displaced persons from the Member States bordering Ukraine. 10,000 beds have already been made available.
  • supports access to routine vaccinations for children which should be treated as a matter of priority, as well as targeted actions on mental health and trauma support for those fleeing the war.

Suffering from rare diseases or complex conditions

The 24 European Reference Networks (ERNs) for rare and complex diseases are united in their support of all Ukrainian patients. ERNs are specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of rare/ very rare illnesses in almost all fields of medicine, including rare cancer.

The 1,600 ERN expert centres are embedded in more than 300 EU hospitals, distributed across most or all EU countries (including neighbouring Ukraine) and Norway. ERNs have committed to provide a hub for patients with rare diseases inside and outside Ukraine.

Consult the European Reference Networks website for more information and guidance.

Information from national ministries and health agencies


Factsheet12 April 2022
Factsheet: Access to health care in EU countries for persons displaced from Ukraine