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EU Solidarity with Ukraine
Standing with Ukraine, every step of the way

Two years ago, Putin launched a war of aggression against Ukraine, challenging Ukrainians’ aspirations for a better future, and for getting closer to the EU. This was an attack, not just against Ukraine, but against freedom, self-determination, and democracy.

Ukraine has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of this brutal attack. This is about the strength of a nation fighting for its rights and aspirations. Ukraine's resistance today stands as a beacon of hope for freedom-loving people everywhere. The conviction remains unwavering that Ukraine will prevail, with Europe standing by its side as long as it takes.

Ukraine has proven the power of a nation and a people fighting for something. For themselves first and foremost. But also for us and for everything that we believe in. Our freedoms, our democracy, our hard-fought rights and aspirations. Some were surprised by Ukraine's heroic action. But no one should have been surprised that when faced with oppression, subjugation and tyranny, they chose resistance.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Told by Ukrainians


"Each time, I adjust to the thought that I might not come back because the artillery and air force fire is so intensive", says Lilia. Lilia returned to Donetsk Oblast to assist both civilians and military during the war. She is helping facilitate aid, while actively fundraising. 

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Bake for Ukraine

Through the taste of Ukrainian bread, ‘Bake for Ukraine’, a non-profit organisation, intends to remind people worldwide of the ongoing war and its effect on the people.

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Behind Blue Eyes

Children faced with war trauma learn how to achieve dreams and goals with the power of their own creativity. This is happening in Ukraine thanks to the ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ project that empowers children to capture their life on camera, and inspires them to dream against all odds.  

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EU's unwavering support

Over the past two years, the EU has provided extensive support worth almost €98 billion to Ukraine, encompassing economic, military, financial, and humanitarian aid, as well as assistance in various sectors. It continues to work relentlessly with international partners to make sure Ukraine receives support and to hold Russia accountable for its actions. Europe's message is clear: we stand with Ukraine today and in the future.

€47.9 billion

made available by Team Europe to support Ukraine’s overall economic, social, and financial resilience

€33.1 billion

military assistance measures, including €11.1 billion mobilised under the European Peace Facility

A man holding boxes of supplies.
up to €17 billion

to help Member States cater to the needs of Ukrainians fleeing the war to the EU

Builders are adding a mixture at the construction site
€50 billion

New funding for 2024-2027 on its way through the Ukraine Facility

Continued support for Ukraine is essential. The EU is ready to play its part and is working with partners to ensure that wide-ranging support for Ukraine is maintained.

Two young Ukrainian boys holding and EU flag
Slava Ukraini, long live Europe

Looking towards the future

Ukraine's journey towards EU membership has seen significant progress, reflecting the will of its people for democratic reforms. In December 2023, the EU leaders decided to start accession talks with Ukraine, responding to Ukraine’s commitment to pursue reforms. Even in times of war, the country continued to make progress and to introduce reforms – from new legislation to expand national minority rights, to improving the judicial system and ensuring checks and balances on power.