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EU Solidarity with Ukraine

Helping Ukrainians: how you can donate and engage

The EU stands with Ukraine

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How you can help

Everyone wants to do their bit to support people who have been forced to flee Ukraine because of the invasion or who stayed in Ukraine and need help.

You can help by donating to the numerous organisations that have mobilised in the EU Member States to support people from Ukraine seeking protection in the EU. These include the national branches of international agencies, umbrella organisations and a range of other charitable and humanitarian bodies. Click on your country to see through which organisation you can donate:

You can also support people in Ukraine. Find out more about how to donate via the official Ukrainian government humanitarian aid website. You can also donate through the major relief organisations active on the ground that are coordinating assistance to Ukraine. Visit their websites to find out how below.

These are indicative and non-exhaustive lists. More organisations may be active in your regions, please check with your local authorities for further information.

International and private sector donations

The European Commission has created a system to channel in-kind donations from third countries and the private sector to Ukraine, Moldova and EU countries in the region. Via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU will coordinate the timely and safe delivery of donated emergency items such as energy equipment, medicines, medical equipment, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear countermeasures and shelter items. Private and public entities from across the EU that wish to donate can contact the Commission via email: ECHO-Donationsatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (ECHO-Donations[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

How to donate

Fleeing the invasion: Ukrainian voices

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, more and more people are being forced to flee their homes. Get to know some of their stories of bravery and resilience, as they talk about their journeys and some of the harrowing experiences they have had to live through. 


 Europeans support people fleeing the war

Today, a Union of almost half a billion people has mobilised for Ukraine. Europeans are demonstrating all across our continent and many of them have offered help and opened their homes to people fleeing Ukraine.

Testimonial videos

Watch videos of Europeans helping people fleeing Ukraine.

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29 JUNE 2022
Social Media Kit - EU Stands with Ukraine